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Ken Calvert

Sr. Loan Officer

As Your Texas Residential Mortgage Planning Professional and Trusted Advisor I am dedicated to helping you make the most fully informed mortgage decision possible. One that fully integrates the financing of your home with your personal financial plan. A well conceived mortgage plan can put you on the fast track to accomplishing major life goals like early retirement, wealth accumulation and debt free living.

My primary goal is to use my knowledge, experience and skills to produce outstanding results for my borrowers. My business philosophy is that it’s vital to prioritize my client’s interests first, as this guarantees their satisfaction. The way I see it, your mortgage isn’t just a loan, it’s one of the most important financial planning decisions you’ll ever make, and my goal is to help you make the best decision possible. That’s why choosing the right Mortgage Consultant—one who’s committed to earning your trust and putting your interests first—is the key to a successful transaction.

Offering 20 plus years of industry experience and a lasting commitment to providing personalized customer service, I serve a variety of Texas homebuyers. I take a consultative approach, working with you to determine the ideal financing solution. In addition to guiding you through every phase of the loan process, I’ll answer your questions in detail, and explain why I’ve recommended a particular mortgage to you. Even after your loan closes, I’ll always be available to answer any questions you may have, or to schedule a mortgage review and analysis to help you decide if it’s prudent to consider refinancing.

The scope of my services include assistance with choosing the ideal home loan from the variety of financing products currently available from American Mortgage & Equity Consultants one that provides real value and peace of mind while helping them build financial freedom. Currently I specialize in securing financing for new home construction, the military family, first-time buyers, residential real estate investors. I also offer complimentary seminars for customers who are considering building a home, renters who are planning to buy soon and those looking to expand their investment portfolio with residential real estate.

A highly decorated, retired veteran with over 23 years of active duty and active reserve service as USAF C-5 Flight Engineer, Ken’s father to three amazing, grown children Ray, Jason & Amanda… and his rescue Dobie Kratos. He enjoys a variety of hobbies and outdoor activities to include cooking, visiting various historical sites of interest, flying, auto sports, hand gunning, astronomy, mounted archery, surfing, rock climbing, hiking, fishing or pretty much anything FUN on the water!

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I Want My FREE Mortgage Rate Quote!